All Z3 models, engines, and variants
The Z3 was produced between dicember 1994 and july 2002. Several engines were available. The major change happened in 1999 when BMW decided to launch a restyling of the Z3. You will find here all the information of each model, before and after the restyling.

Z3 mk1 (1996-1999) and mk2 (1999-2002) differences
For this exercise we will compare two Z3's:
- BMW Z3 1.8 Roadster mk1, Montrealblau with beige interior from our friend
- BMW Z3 3.0i Roadster Sport Edition mk2, Sterlinggrau with black/red interior, mine

Exterior differences

Most obvious differences lies on the rear of the car. As we can see the lines are much softer in the mk2, giving also a new look to the tail lights. In addition to that, the rear axle is wider. The button that opens the trunk is also differently designed, and so is the the trunk lid itself.

Clearly there are two kind of people, mk1 fans and mk2 fans. Some say the mk2 brings a more modern design to the Z3. An important point to mention is that ///M cars keep the original mk1 shape.

Rear lights
The new rear shape is mostly driven by the shape of the tail light, which is much rounder on the mk2, and more classical and square on the mk1.
Square - Round

Third braking light
The mk2 has a re-designed third braking light, that is covered by a plastic part (painted in the body color) that can be chromed if the car is specified with the Chrome pack. The mk1 doesn't have that.
Uncovered - covered -

Trunk button
MK1 Z3 have a simple button to open the trunk. In the mk2 this button has a finger holder to pull up the trunk lid.
Trunk opener -

All mk1 Z3 have a simple headlight unit with orange indicators (unless the owner decided to spec the optional white indicators, as all M had as standard).
Mk2 have the same headlights with a small difference: they have two chrome ring on the interior of the headlight, giving to the front a more modern look. Side indicators can also be orange (standard except M and sport edition, which were white), or white as an optional extra.
Normal - with chrome ring -

Front nose grills
All Z3 mk1 models (excepting the M) have black grills with chromed surroundings. On the mk2 Z3's, the grills themselves are also chromed as standard in the most powerful engines (3.0 and ///M). All other mk2 have black grills, but they can spec those chromed inside grills as well, with the "Chrome pack exterior" optional extra.
Black - Chromed

Interior differencies
Center console
The main interior difference between mk1 and mk2 z3 is the center console. The buttons design is more square in the mk1, being rounder in the mk2. This clearly gives a modern touch to the mk2.

Mk1 console incudes, from top to bottom and left to right: Tape radio (CD optional), AC control unit, Bord computer, AC switch, Heated seat driver switch (extra), alarm (extra), heated seat passenger (extra), ASC button (extra), and lighter.

Mk2 console includes, from top to bottom and left to right:Radio CD, AC control unit, Heated seat driver switch (extra), ASC/DSC button (extra), Bord computer, AC switch, heated seat passenger (extra), and lighter.
Square - Round

One major improvement from the mk2 roadster z3 is the hood insulation. It has 3 layers (versus 1 in the mk1) that reprensent a great change in terms of noise reduction, and outside temperature protection.
Roof insulation

Door trim
The main difference between mk1 and mk2 door trim is that mk2 could spec optional door airbags.
Without - With Airbag