Special versions
There were several special Z3 editions produced during the life of the model. The 007 special edition had a critical role, since it was used to introduce the Z3 to the world through a great product placement in a Bond movie. More special versions followed such as the Individual models, the Sport Edition, and a few one-off models.

Z3 Sport Edition (S.E.)
Only in mk2 Z3 with following engines: 1.9i, 2.2i y 3.0i

This was an exclusive sportier version made for the Roadster model. It was a pack that was a kind of predecessor to the well known ///M Packs from current BMW's. It costed about 2800$ and had the following extras:

Sport Edition models were available with two type of wheels, both made by BBS, wither the Style 42 or the Style 78.
All sport edition had 17 inch diameter wheels, with a width of 7.5" in the front and 8.5" in the rears. Standard tyres were 225/45 R17 in the front and 245/40 R17 in the back.
Stlye 42 - Style 78

Front bumper
With the normal 2.2, 2.8 and 3.0 engines, the Z3 had a sporty front bumper. However, on the sport edition models, the center of the bumper was a kind of honeycomb shape.
This bumper is only available on Sport Edition roadster, and also on all coupé 3.0i as standard.
Rear bumper does not change..
Normal - Sport - Sport Edition
. .

"Sport Edition" suspension
People usually call it the "M Suspension", however it's not. Sport edition suspension is not the M suspension, it's in between the normal and the M. Sport Edition suspension keeps the standard Sachs schock absorber, which it combines with springs that are 1,5cm lower.
The result is lower than standard but not as low as aftermarket kits such as H&R.
Normal - Sport Edition - H&R+Biletin
. .

White indicators
All Z3 could have them as an optional extra, howver the sport edition had them as standard.
Appart from that, all Coupé 3.0i and M cars have them as standard.
Orange - White

Brushed aluminum center console
There are two types of aluminum console for the Z3. One is the matt chrome one, that for instance all 3.0i coupé had as standard. The other one is specific to the Sport Edition, and it's the brusehd aluminum one. All Sport edition had it, regardless of the color of the leather.
Matt chrome - Brushed aluminum

Leather and seats
All sport edition have sport seats as standard (not the M seats). They can have normal or extended leather, one or two tones. Hence, lots of Sport Edition had bicolor interior (e.g. red/black or blue/black).
The type of leather could be Chameleon (most of them) or Nappa (one tone only).
Nappa - Chamaleon (normal y extendido)
. .

M steering wheel and gear lever
The sport Edition had both M steering wheel and M gear lever. On top of that, the M wheel has 3 color stitching (blue green red), and the gear lever is iluminated.
Normal M wheel - Sport Edition M. - Iluminated gear lever
. .