Special versions
There were several special Z3 editions produced during the life of the model. The 007 special edition had a critical role, since it was used to introduce the Z3 to the world through a great product placement in a Bond movie. More special versions followed such as the Individual models, the Sport Edition, and a few one-off models.

One-off cars
We've talked about individual BMW's. Additionnally, BMW also produced a few one-off Z3's. Discover them here!

BMW Z3 M V12
This was a one-off Z3M with 12 cylinders (only 1 unit made by ///M department. The engine came from the 8 seriesi, concretely it was the M73 with 5.400cc from the 850i. It also had, surprinsingly, a 6 speed gearbox.

To this day, we think this car is in the private museum that the M department has is Munich. It was made in the very exclusive color Kyalami orange. No other Z3 could be ordered in this color.

BMW ///M Coupé "Millenium Edition"
This is a one-off model that was made by BMW Technik GmbH in the year 2000, for the Auto Motor Und Sport Maganize. Only one was produced, and it was drawn within the readers of the magazine. The winner was a guy named Dirk, (nickname Greenswap in zroadster.com).

He says that he won the contest, and BMW authorized him only to choose the exterior color. He had 3 options: Orangeblur (the one he chose), Insectyellow (unknown), and Gunmetal (also unknown).The interior had to be the same color as the exterior. As you can see on the pictures, the wheels, the steering wheel and the upholstery were unique.
The car was up for sale inApril 2015 with 25.000km for 75.000€.
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BMW ///M Coupe "Safety Car "
This is another unique model made by BMW ///M. With 522hp, it was made to be a safety car on Moto GP. It seems it was used in a few race, although we can't confirm. It had all the necessary equipment to do the job: lights, roll-cage, fiire extinguisher, etc. ... and of course a Turbo in the engine bay..

In 2005 it was annouced for sale at a price of 40.000GPB. No signs of it since then...
Video of the car
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